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Tile Selection Tips for a Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

Tile Selection for Bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Jefferson County, Kitsap County, Bainbridge Island, and North Puget SoundOne of the first decisions you will need to make when selecting tile for a bathroom or kitchen remodel, is whether to go with real stone tile or porcelain tile that has the appearance of stone.  The primary advantage with real stone is the authentic appearance of the tile to the trained eye. 

Real stone, such as travertine tile, can cost between $10-20 per square foot.  Natural stone needs to be sealed just after you lay it down, then then every few years afterwards.  The technology for printed, porcelain tile has come a long way in the last 10-20 years.  As you might expect, it carries a lower price tag than real stone.  Surprisingly, though, the lower cost carries with it a higher degree of durability, and easier maintenance.  Porcelain tile from a home improvement store will generally cost about $1-3 per square foot.  If you spill coffee or red wine on porcelain, theres no risk of staining the tile; and porcelain tile will not need to be sealed.  The only sealing needed will be for the grout. 

Typical Tile Selection Process for a Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel:

Before work commences on your project, a Dedicated Tile professional will come to your home and discuss with you the vision that you have for your space, talk about your maintenance preferences, as well as the budget that you’re working to.  As we explore your vision, we can go to a local tile store or home improvement store to explore options.  As mentioned in the accompanying video, a lot of exploratory work relative to tiling options can be accomplished in short order at a home improvement store.  Some home owners, in fact, are able to make tiling decisions immediately after an initial conceptual discussion, and such a trip to the local home improvement outlet.  This also allows you to return any unused tile once the project wraps up.  As you might expect, a home improvement store primarily offers a middle-of-the-road tile selection.

Ultimately, your tile selection will be based on your budget and the vision you have for your space.  If you’re looking for something more unique, and if tile cost is less of a concern for you, another option is to use one of Dedicated Tile’s wholesale tile suppliers—offering much more variety, in terms of the types of stone, texture, color and form factor. Some home owners, in fact, prefer to choose a custom, one-of-a-kind-type of tile, and that’s available through our wholesale suppliers, as well.  It’s probably no surprise that tile purchased from a wholesale outlet cannot be returned. Nevertheless, some of our coolest projects have used custom tile tailored to a specific homeowner’s vision for an entryway, kitchen, or bathroom.

Tiling your entry way, kitchen, or bathrooms isn't an undertaking or expense that you want to end up redoing later because of poor quality or craftsmanship. Click here to go to the page that contrasts a professional tile job from mistakes that are typical for amateur tilers, or click here to request a free bathroom or kitchen remodeling consultation, if you live on Bainbridge Island, in Kitsap County, or in the North Puget Sound area!

Last Updated: June 10, 2013